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We Remove Even the Toughest Stains and Colors from Your Outdoor Floors

Concrete Designs is excellent at transforming patios, walkways, and driveways of many South Florida homes. We also know how to fix and repair the peeling paint on your floor and remove the unsatisfactory color of your brick pavers that change over time. Our way of floor cleanliness and restoration comes with our sandblasting process.

Sandblasting Gear

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a method in which compressed air is squeezed through a tube or nozzle at the desired subject to shape, remove or smooth a surface using fine grain sand. Sandblasting is somewhat compared to Sandpaper in that they both create a smooth and even finish. However, sandblasting takes it a step further by cleaning sharp corners and deep crevices more evenly that Sandpaper itself cannot achieve.

sand blasting

Why Not Just Pressure Wash?

While pressure washing can be an effective way to clean surfaces, it is not strong enough to remove paint and rust. Paint removal on concrete and steel rust removal requires a harder contact approach. Tiny sand particles under high air pressure remove paint and rust effectively and is the most effective way to remove harsh surfaces.

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