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Pool deck resurfacing is when your pool deck gets resurfaced and touched to keep it looking new and remove any defects it may have acquired over the years. This service is specifically rendered to outdoor pool areas that have concrete flooring already installed and just needs to be retouched. Pool deck resurfacing starts with a thorough cleaning of the floor surface that is followed by removing any abnormalities and filling any holes the concrete may have. Upon completion of this first step the top layer will be added and maneuvered appropriately. Pool deck resurfacing is the best solution in making your pool deck look new without having to actually replace the entire floor.

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Pool deck resurfacing adds value to your property through function and design

Once you have made the initial decision to have a pool deck resurfacing done, one of our designers will help you decide what color schemes and design will look best around your pool and make sure that the final product fits your taste. In the process of pool deck resurfacing we make sure that none of your personal belongings get affected in the process. All items get moved aside to prepare for the resurfacing and the pool will be secured as well to make sure that debris cant go into the pool by taping large sheets of bubble wrap around the pool and all plants and landscaping that may be affected by the debris of the resurfacing will also be covered to make sure they are not affected.

pool deck resurfacing-
pool deck resurfacing-

Pool deck resurfacing gives home owners the ability to create an all new look with the existing surface that they already have. The concrete can have the color and design altered to make the perfect look for your pool deck. Feel free to give us a call so we can help you get started with your Pool deck resurfacing project.

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We are going to help you achieve extraordinary results!

We are going to help you achieve extraordinary results! We advise you on everything and offer you the best options for your concrete floors