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polished concrete floors

In recent years Polished Concrete has become a very popular option. The process used for Polished Concrete is grinding the concrete with progressively finer grinding tools. Among the list of tools used during the Polished Concrete floor process is the use of grits of Diamond cup wheels and polishing pads.

The various types of grit will alter the appearance of the final product from satin, to dull or a more high gloss look. After the process is complete the dyes or stains can be applied to increase the brilliance of the final look while protecting the concrete surface. That dull concrete floor that consumers once dreaded is just a thing of the past.

Once the Polished Concrete & Epoxy is complete you will be left with a shiny surface that will be durable.

Polished Concrete is a very sought after option because of how versatile it is. The flooring can be manipulated to match any look that you desire while still remaining affordable and quick. The final product leaves a very beautiful and reflective polished look that lasts for long periods of time. The Polished Concrete technique utilized assures that customers won’t have to constantly retouch their flooring or reinstall new one. Polished Concrete is the ideal flooring for anyone who just wants a new look without having to spend long periods of time waiting for their flooring project to finally be finished or replace their entire flooring. Polished Concrete services can be offered to help improve any already existing concrete flooring from commercial to residential.

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Once the concrete driveway resurfacing is complete you will be left with a beautiful surface that will be both beautiful and durable. Feel free to give us a call so we can have our designers assist you in choosing that perfect look for your concrete driveway resurfacing project.

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