Marble Polishing & Restoration

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Marble Polishing & Restoration service

Being a natural stone, most people have the mistaken notion that marble is practically indestructible (think statuary, monuments, and ancient buildings!). Yes, it is very durable, but also yes, it does require a high degree of maintenance to maintain its beautiful appearance in your home. That’s where the experts at Concrete Designs come in. By scheduling a periodic professional cleaning of all your marble surfaces, especially floors, their knowledge and experience will keep your marble looking like new. Their polishing techniques restore the original luster and shine as it does away with scratches and stains.

Marble floors should be dust mopped daily with a dry dust mop to remove any dust and dirt that will cause scratches, which in turn will cause the floor to lose its luster and natural shine. Shower stalls and other areas where marble is used can also be damaged when the proper care is not taken. Regular cleaners that work well on other surfaces do not work on marble, common chemical floor cleaners often cause irreparable damage instead.

Nothing compares to the beauty and luster of marble. This type of flooring material gives your home or business an exquisite, elegant look and is much sought after for enhancing the ambiance and value of any room. Marble in its purest form is solid white, the streaks and shades of color found in some marble comes from other mineral deposits in place as the marble is being formed.

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We are going to help you achieve extraordinary results!

We are going to help you achieve extraordinary results! We advise you on everything and offer you the best options for your concrete floors