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Concrete Designs commercial concrete resurfacing service is perfect for virtually every industrial or commercial application , such as industrial complexes, shopping centers,  lobbies, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical labs and warehousing  areas. Concrete Designs offers a line of industrial floor resurfacing and epoxy coating systems that provide the level of performance and durability required for the most demanding industrial conditions. We also provide services such as: concrete staining, repairs to stamped concrete surfaces, and applying decorative concrete and stenciled finishes on new concrete.

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Concrete Designs commercial concrete resurfacing service is perfect
for virtually every industrial or commercial application

Commercial decorative Concrete Coatings & Epoxy for Industrial applications:

  • Waterproofing and staining
  • fixing crack and sidewalk with 40 years of servicing
  • Hundreds condominiums and thousands of residential jobs.
  • Epoxy Flooring for virtually any laboratory
  • Concrete Floor Coatings for warehouses
  • Concrete Resurfacing for complexes
  • Concrete Stain for interior floors
  • Decorative Concrete for outdoor decks
  • Concrete Sealers for non-slip finish

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Benefits of commercial concrete resurfacing

Commercial Concrete resurfacing overlaying provides a variety of color and texture options to achieve the truly unique look of elegance your property deserves.

Our Commercial Concrete resurfacing technique is best defined as a concrete-based (not traditional concrete) decorative resurfacing that will adhere to virtually any solid substrate in need of enhancement or beautification. Plus our commercial concrete resurfacing can be applied to any surface: brick, slate, marble, stone, etc. and requires little maintenance and provides exceptionally long-lasting protection. Commercial Concrete resurfacing overlaying saves you money while enhancing the quality and appearance of an otherwise normal commercial floor. Our commercial Concrete resurfacing process begins by sanding down existing concrete flooring to remove any unwanted imperfections or damage that is visible on the surface of the concrete.

Any possible holes in the existing concrete are then filled and touched to have the hue that will meet the expectation of the owner of the business with all different types of designs placed over it, even logo. We take pride in our ability to satisfy you and your customers. We will provide a flooring system that is very durable, efficient, and cost effective.


Completed Commercial Decorative Concrete