Resurface Pool Deck

4 Signs It’s Time to Resurface Your Pool Deck

The benefits of having your own back yard pool are many.

While you maintain the pool itself to keep the water sparkling and clear, when was the last time you took a really good look at the pool deck? The pool deck adds to the beauty and ambience of the pool area and should also be kept in tip-top condition. Resurfacing that deck gives a fresh, new look with little time or cost involved. Give the experts at Concrete Designs a call if you notice any of the following issues with your pool deck:


While concrete is extremely sturdy and long lasting, cracks may eventually develop. Small, hairline cracks are one of the first signs your deck is in need of a makeover through the process of resurfacing. Remember, cracks will only grow larger if ignored and may lead to worse problems.


One of the problems that may occur if cracks are allowed to grow and enlarge is erosion. Erosion can happen when water seeps down through the cracks and affects the soil underneath. If erosion is allowed to take place, this only leads to deeper, far more serious problems that will be quite costly to repair.

New Look

Small chips in the concrete deck are a part of daily usage. However, if erosion has begun it will quickly turn those smaller damaged areas into larger holes caused by the shifting and movement of the underlying soil. Repairing these holes before they have a chance to enlarge, then resurfacing the pool deck will give a completely new look along with the added safety factor of no holes or chipped areas to cause trips and falls.


While not damaging in itself, a dull, weathered appearance is letting you know the concrete is aging and requires attention. Chemicals used to keep the water clean and clear, along with the sun’s heavy UV rays, may cause discoloration and will, over time, weaken the integrity of the concrete which could then lead to more cracks appearing. Applying a sealer is a quick fix for the appearance but is not long-lasting if the concrete is beginning to weaken.

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of Concrete Designs before these problems and issues arise with your pool deck. Their designers will happily show you how easy it is to completely change the appearance and wearability of your pool deck by resurfacing before the damage is too great. Colors, patterns, and designs can be blended to create exactly the appearance you want to achieve.


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