Maintain Synthetic Grass

Tips on How to Maintain Your Synthetic Turf Looking New

Synthetic turf is becoming more and more popular.

This is the especially the case with busy homeowners who want a lush, beautiful lawn but simply don’t have the time to maintain that lawn. Raking, mowing, edging, and fertilizing can quickly consume what little spare time you may have. Replacing your grass by having synthetic turf professionally installed by the experts at Concrete Designs will have you enjoying your time instead. Once the turf is installed, there are a few things you need to know to keep the turf looking like new.

Brush regularly

A regular brushing removes leaves and other debris before they can become compacted into the turf, possibly creating a moldy or mildewed appearance. Brushes should only have synthetic fibers, never steel or other metallic bristles that could harm the turf. If a rake is used, it should have flexible plastic tines. A leaf blower, used on a regular basis, works well also.

Avoid heavy items from the turf

While heavy items such as a flower pot or child’s wading pool may temporarily crush the turf bristles, there is seldom actual damage done that brushing the turf won’t fix. Brushing against the natural pile of the turf will fluff it back to its original upright position, leaving no evidence anything was there and keeping your lawn looking smooth and even.

Keep fire and hot items away

Synthetic turf isn’t flammable but it may well melt if exposed to heat other than the sun’s rays. Barbecue pits, cigarettes, fireworks, or other heated materials should be kept well away from areas where synthetic turf has been placed. It is strongly recommended that running vehicles not be parked on turf. Damaged areas can be replaced, but why have that expense when following a few simple rules will prevent damage?

Rinse with water

Just as with regular grass, dust and dirt will build up on your synthetic turf. Rain is the best solution to keeping the turf clean and fresh but when that’s not an option, a quick spray with the water hose will do the job. Sprinklers are not a good idea as too much water may tend to build up calcium deposits on the turf. For any stains that may occur, a solution of mild household detergent mixed with water may be used. Never use caustic or high alkaline cleaners on your turf.

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