Marble Floor

5 Tips to Maintain Your Marble Floor and Keep it Looking Like New

Marble is one of the most beautiful of all natural stones.

Adding marble flooring in your home increases the value of the home and lends a spectacular new look to your surroundings. Properly maintained, marble floors will last the lifetime of your home without losing their beauty and appeal. The experts at Concrete Designs offer these tips to help you keep those floors looking new:

1 – Don’t let spills sit!

Yes, marble presents a hard surface but it will stain if spills are not cleaned quickly. A soft cloth, sponge, or paper towel will usually do the trick. Once the spill is wiped up, go over the area with warm water, then dry with a cloth or paper towel.

2 – Don’t let dirt and debris sit

This will tend to scratch the marble surface. A dust mop is the preferred method of cleaning up dust and dirt as most brooms are hard and scratchy. A light spray of an anti-static spray on the dust mop will help pick up the dust and dirt. Pay special attention to entryways and other high traffic areas.

3 – Mop regularly

Mopping regularly with a sponge mop dampened with warm water will keep your marble floors sparkling. Keep the mop as clean as possible by regularly dipping into the warm water and squeezing out as much water as you can. Do not use an excess amount of water as this could cause water staining. When the mopping is finished, dry the floors quickly using a soft cloth.

4 – Don’t use acidic cleaning products

When cleaning your marble floors, do not use any acidic cleaning products! These will damage the marble, causing dulling and pitting. If you’re not sure, don’t use it. The friendly, knowledgeable group at Concrete Designs will be happy to recommend the best and easiest cleaner for your marble floors. Vinegar and lemon juice are popular cleaners but must never be used on marble. A pH-neutral cleaner is best – heavily diluted ammonia and warm water works well, or a few drops of dish soap diluted in water. When the floors have dried, go over them once more using only water.

5 – Don’t skip the sealing process

Many have the mistaken notion that since marble is a hard stone it doesn’t need to be sealed. Any natural stone used in or around the home should have a sealant applied; marble is no exception. The proper sealant helps protect your floors from becoming stained from spills, heavy usage, and scratches.

The personnel at Concrete Designs stand ready to assist with any marble floor issues you may have.

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