Concrete Before resurfacing

How to Prepare Your Concrete Before Resurfacing

Although concrete is a tough, durable material, it will eventually begin to show signs of deterioration and wear.

This is especially true of driveways and other concreted areas that are constantly exposed to the elements. But take heart – most concrete, even somewhat damaged concrete, can be resurfaced instead of having to tear it all out and replacing it, a time-consuming and expensive proposition.

Resurfacing is a job best left to the professionals.

The prep work alone is time-consuming and must be done properly for the resurfacing to be effective. There are several steps that must be taken in preparing the concrete before the resurfacing can begin. Concrete Designs has the experts, along with the proper tools and equipment, to get the job done quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a like-new finish that will last for years.

The first, and very important, step is thoroughly cleaning the concrete.

All dirt, debris, paint or sealant, must be completely removed down to bare concrete. You wouldn’t paint a dirty wall and expect it to look flawless, you can’t resurface dirty concrete and expect perfect results. The resurfacing material actually bonds to the concrete and strengthens it. This won’t happen if the concrete isn’t completely clean, leaving you with a less than ideal finish that will have weak spots.

Once the concrete has been cleaned, any flaws in the concrete will be exposed and will need to be addressed.

If there are any bad areas, these need to be removed and replaced. Small hairline cracks should be filled; larger cracks or dents can be patched to match the surrounding surface. The filled and patched areas need time to cure, usually a few hours under the proper conditions, before the next step is taken.

After the concrete has been cleaned, all patches and cracks taken care of and cured.

The surface must now be roughened to achieve the proper bonding of the resurfacing material to the concrete. Roughing the concrete surface requires equipment most people don’t have just laying around their garage. As the resurfacing is applied, a smooth or distressed, slip resistant finish is easily achieved.

As you can see, preparing your concrete can be a complicated process if attempted as a do-it-yourself project. The knowledge and expertise of the personnel at Concrete Designs makes the job affordable and painless, giving a fresh new look to your tired, worn concrete with no effort on your part.

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