Benefits of Polishing Your Existing Concrete Overlay

Concrete flooring has long been the option of choice for commercial ventures and has become more and more popular for residential use.

Over time, however, the concrete may begin to show signs of wear, staining, or damage. Concrete overlays can cover a multitude of flooring issues, giving your floors a fresh new look. Polishing that overlay has many added benefits, making it well worth looking into. The experts at Concrete Designs can show you how to have beautiful, long lasting floors that are easily maintained, all while saving you time and money through the process of polishing rather than replacing your existing concrete overlay.

Polishing concrete is much like polishing or sanding wood.

Various grits, from coarse to fine, are used in sequence on the polishing wheel to achieve the final finish. While polishing works on bare concrete, it doesn’t cover a lot of issues such as holes or cracks. Polishing an overlay, however, works wonderfully and gives the appearance of a brand new floor, thus making this method much more cost effective than replacing the old concrete. Finishes can range from a soft matte up to high gloss, whichever you choose.

Polishing your concrete overlay extends the life of your floor.

This increases the molecular strength of the concrete. The added density of polishing makes the floor less permeable and eliminates efflorescence and reduces wear patterns. Stains and damage from spills or dropped items are a thing of the past after polishing the overlay.

The ease of maintenance alone of a polished concrete overlay makes it worth the minimal cost; no waxing or stripping, just an occasional damp mopping is all that’s required to keep your floors looking like new. The polished overlay is environmentally friendly and mold and mildew resistant, all a ‘plus’ when considering refurbishing your floors.

When thinking of concrete, most people think of a dull and gray surface.

News flash! The exciting range of colors that can be added by dyes or stains during the polishing process will add pop and sparkle to your floors. A wide variety of designs can also be etched into the concrete, becoming a permanent part of the floors and making them uniquely yours. Even the look of the ever-popular terrazzo can be achieved at about half the cost of using actual terrazzo. Designers at Concrete Designs are standing by to help you create the perfect floor for you.

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