Maintaining Your Pavers Looking New

Pavers are a relatively inexpensive yet beautiful way to update any property.

They look fabulous as patios, front porches, walkways and paths through the garden. However, proper care is essential to maintaining that brand-new look.

Fortunately, maintaining pavers is not particularly difficult, especially if you keep a few tips in mind.

1. Clean Pavers Regularly

Sometimes, a simple sweeping is all your pavers need to stay looking great. Sweeping removes dirt, grit and debris. If these items are allowed to remain on the surface, then they may deteriorate the pavers. Using a hose or pressure washer to clean more thoroughly also is recommended. This typically is done once a year, or more often if the property owner desires it.

Spills can be picked up with an absorbent product like cat litter. If any stains are left behind, then a homemade solution of water and dishwashing liquid should be able to remedy the situation. Oil stains may need to be removed with a cleaner that is designed specifically for oil spills.

2. Sealing Pavers Ensures Longevity

Most property owners who have pavers somewhere on their landscape seal the surface once a year or at least once every other year. A good sealant helps to protect the pavers from damage caused by the elements, regular use and mishaps. The sealing also makes certain that spills and stains are less likely to penetrate through to the stone beneath. Additionally, sealant protects pavers from UV damage and may help to keep burrowing and digging pests out of the area.

The best time to apply sealant is just after the pavers have been given a thorough cleaning. Make certain that the pavers are completely dry before beginning the sealing process. As many homeowners have discovered, there is quite an art to sealant application. To make certain that it gets done right, it makes sense to hire a professional. This ensures a thorough, effective application that really protects your investment over the long run.

3. Take Control of Weeds

Even the most well-maintained yard is subject to weeds. This means that the sandy space between paver stones also may develop a weed problem. Maintaining a strong layer of sealant on top of the pavers is one excellent way to keep weeds at bay.

Still, weeds are persistent, which may make it necessary to physically remove them from pavers. It’s important to bear in mind that many common weeds, like dandelions, have extraordinarily long root systems. Unless the entire root is removed, the weed will repeatedly grow back. A homemade solution of one gallon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and one cup of table salt effectively kills weeds to the root. The salt ensures that nothing grows in the same spot for an extended period of time.

Contact Concrete Designs in Florida to learn even more about how to take care of your pavers or for expert paver installation. With our experience and eye for design, we can help your dreams come true.

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