When the Cracks Begin to Show – the Sooner You Reseal, the Better

The popularity of using concrete for driveways, patios, and flooring is due in large part to its strength, durability, and low maintenance.

Properly laid and sealed concrete will give many years of service with a minimum of fuss and care. However, nothing lasts forever and nothing is completely maintenance-free, including concrete.

Visual inspection is the number one way to determine if it’s time to reseal your concrete.

Dulling, discolored surfaces or the appearance of hairline cracks are tell-tale signs a fresh coat of sealant should be in the near future.

Indoor flooring is not exposed to the elements so, as a general rule, won’t need to be resealed as often. Harsh cleaning agents, though, or heavy traffic areas, may damage the sealant and require being resealed more often. The experts at Concrete Designs can inspect your flooring, apply the correct sealer and recommend cleaning solutions to keep your floors looking new and bright.

Driveways can either add to or detract from the overall appearance of your property.

Generally speaking, depending on traffic volume and weather conditions, sealants should be reapplied every three to five years. If you notice small cracks appearing in the concrete, an inspection by the contractors at Concrete Designs can make sure there are no underlying issues before repairing or overlaying. Small cracks can quickly become large cracks if not addressed as soon as possible, and large cracks can be expensive to repair. Keeping your driveway clean, promptly removing oil or other stains, and avoiding deicing chemicals will all contribute to the longevity of the sealant and making sure your driveway always looks fresh and inviting.

Patios should be places to relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

If you notice colors appearing faded, or flaky or whitish residue, it’s almost a sure bet it’s time to reseal. Whether covered or exposed, weather will sooner or later have an effect on the sealer, which will need to be refreshed.

Concrete pool decks, like driveways, are exposed to the elements as well as pool chemicals, sunscreen, and other substances that will gradually affect the sealer. Dulling colors and non-skid surfaces that become slippery are signs of the wearing away of the sealant and the need to have a new coat applied.

Fading colors or cracks appearing in your concrete are definite signs that something needs to be done.

Rest assured, calling on the knowledgeable experts at Concrete Designs will have all of your concrete refreshed and resealed quickly, thereby avoiding further possible damage to the concrete.

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