Stamped concrete styles

Stamped Concrete Styles – Which is best for you?

The rapidly growing popularity of stamped concrete is due to several factors, chief among them being the cost-effectiveness and durability of concrete as opposed to the expense of brick, slate, or stone. Also important to homeowners is the ease with which stamped concrete overlays can complement any architectural style by replicating practically any of the far more expensive building materials at far less expense and in less time than traditional building methods. The experts at Concrete Designs can show you how to turn your home into exactly the look you want, whether it be modern or old world, traditional or tropical.

Modern Style

Modern styling gives a contemporary look, with sleek and simple lines. Subtle texture can be added for more interest. Colors used with this style can either be very light or bold and vivid. Bright whites and solid black, with a smattering of color for accent, is both relaxing and pleasing to the eye.

Old World

Old World style fits well with Mediterranean or Tuscan architecture, using distressed finishes and warm colors. The color palette uses blends of pale yellows to adobe and lighter shades of brown, creating an inviting and welcoming environment. A few popular patterns for stamping include the European fan paver, slate, and antique cobblestone.

Traditional Style

Traditional looks are achieved by stamping a brick or stone pattern into the concrete. Lines can be symmetrical, giving a classic appeal, or a blending of scalloped edges along walkways or driveways for additional aesthetics. This is the perfect style to give somewhat older homes a fresh new look. The colors can range from brick reds to softer shades of grays.

Tropical Style

With the Tropical look, let your imagination run wild. Bright vibrant colors blended with more subtle shades create the appearance of natural rock formations and other tropical delights. Random shapes and patterns stamped into the concrete complete the tropical look and feel. While the perfect look for beach areas, you can also create your very own tropical paradise anywhere you choose.

All of the above styles are beautiful and will add value to your home, now it’s simply a matter of consulting with experienced professionals such as Concrete Designs to decide which style suits your home and personality the best. You can also create your own unique design with a blend of some of the different styles. Concrete Designs will work with you to attain exactly which look you prefer for your home.

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