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How to Renovate Your Concrete Floor Without Replacing it

There is no building material known to man that is indestructible, including concrete.

While concrete is strong and very long lasting, it will, over time, begin to show signs of aging. A dulling in appearance, wear spots in heavy traffic areas, and small cracks are all normal signs of the aging process of your concrete. You can’t stop this process but you can cover it up, giving the look of fresh new concrete.

As long as the existing concrete is in fair condition (no large cracks, breaks, or uneven places) with a good sub-base, there is no need to go to the time and expense of tearing out and replacing your concrete. The experts at Concrete Designs can inspect your slab and show you how they can easily refurbish your concrete patio, pool deck, sidewalks, or driveways with a concrete overlay that gives a whole new look to your home.

Concrete Overlay Uses
Specializing in concrete resurfacing, decorative concrete, and stamped concrete overlays, the knowledgeable personnel at Concrete Designs will quickly convince you that practically any new look is achievable with an overlay. Overlays consist of a thin layer of concrete blended with special polymers that actually bond to the existing concrete, making it stronger and giving many more years of use.

Pool Deck
Dull pool deck? Make it exciting again with a custom designed concrete overlay filled with colors and designs plus a non-slip surface. The overlay not only makes the area more beautiful, the non-slip surface adds a safety factor that is important around a pool.

Boring patio? With a concrete overlay designed to mimic natural stone, brick, or even wood, your patio will once again be appealing as a place you and family and friends will want to be. Having a lovely outdoor living space makes entertaining much more enjoyable.

Keep in mind that driveways and walkways are usually the first thing people see when approaching your home. A good first impression is easily achieved when a concrete overlay is in place that gives a warm, welcoming appearance. Flagstone is a popular choice for these areas but is also very expensive. An overlay can give the appearance of flagstone at a fraction of the cost.

When you begin noticing signs of use and aging in your concrete, give Concrete Designs a call and let them show you how easily and quickly most of your issues can be resolved with a concrete overlay.

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