Patio Overlay

The ABC’s of Patio Overlay

Your home is your castle.

While the interior usually showcases your personality and pride of ownership, the outdoor areas need some attention, too. Especially the patio. A patio is intended to be a place to relax and enjoy the outdoor surroundings. Sure, a concrete slab works, but why settle for plain and boring when the designers at Concrete Designs can show you how to quickly turn that dull area into a beautiful outdoor living space you’ll be proud to show off to family and friends? Dull, drab, and boring will all be a thing of the past when you consider a concrete overlay for your patio.

Here are the ABC’s of patio tips:


Make your home and patio the showplace of the neighborhood. While most houses have patios, terraces, verandas, etc., very few have the finishing touch of aesthetically correct concrete overlay to add curb appeal to their home. Consider a concrete overlay for your patio, then watch the magic of painted walls, clean roof and overlaid patio make your home aesthetically appealing.


Adding beauty and value to a home is the goal of most homeowners, and one way to do both is to refurbish and refresh that patio with a concrete overlay designed especially for you, something that blends aesthetically with the overall appearance of the house and property, something that says ‘welcome to my space’.


Concrete overlays are designed and engineered to cover imperfections such as stains or small cracks in the current slab, giving a fresh, new look at a fraction of the time and cost of completely replacing the slab. Not only are concrete overlays durable, they are customizable to give just the right finish you’re looking for in your patio. Brick, flagstone, and slate are all popular finishes for patios but are also quite expensive. You can achieve any of these looks and more with a concrete overlay without breaking the bank. The wide variety of color choices, finishes, and designs will make your patio uniquely yours.


Exactly what, you may ask, is a concrete overlay? Just what the name implies – a thin layer of concrete specially formulated to bond with and actually strengthen the existing concrete. No noisy, dirty construction zone to contend with, no heavy concrete trucks ruining the lawn, no debris to dispose of. Once the overlay is in place, it will be stamped to create whatever look you have chosen.

And remember, most overlays can be completed within a matter of a couple of days, giving you plenty of extra time to enjoy your new space. When it comes to all things concrete, the knowledgeable experts at Concrete Designs can transform your patio into a work of art that will last for many years with a minimum of fuss.

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