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The Great Cover-up!

Let’s face it – basic concrete is boring, not aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and adds nothing to the landscaping.

But, the good news is that plain, drab concrete can be quickly transformed into something you’ll be proud to show. Just like covering a scar or a bad tattoo, using a concrete overlay will hide blemishes, small cracks, and other minor imperfections in your current concrete at a fraction of the time and cost of totally replacing any existing concrete. Even better news, overlays work just as well on indoor surfaces as they do outdoors so there’s no excuse for tolerating plain floors inside or dull concrete spaces outdoors as long as the sub-base of the existing concrete is in good condition.

Let the experts at Concrete Designs show you how a ‘cover-up’ on a blah pool deck can make your entire pool area come to life. Color choices and designs are practically limitless. With a textured overlay and non-slip sealant, not only will the deck look beautiful but will be safe as well.

Patios were meant to be a place to relax and enjoy.

Make your patio pop with a concrete overlay stamped to resemble natural stone, brick, or wood. Overlays are extremely durable, making your patio a place to enjoy with family and friends for years to come.

Simply put, driveways aren’t always the most attractive part of your property. Keep in mind, though, that the driveway is the first thing seen when approaching the house. It deserves to be as lovely and welcoming as the rest of the landscaping and it can be just that with a concrete overlay. You’ll be amazed at what Concrete Designs can do with an overlay on a plain-Jane drive!

Don’t forget sidewalks and other walkways you may have. They should blend well and add to the overall ambience of the property instead of detract from it. An overlay is the perfect solution.

It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your indoor furnishings and decorations may be, a sad-looking floor destroys the effect you want to achieve.

Concrete floors have gained in popularity over the years due to their longevity and ease of maintenance. An overlay can refresh and renew your old floor in no time. You can choose bright colors with a high gloss finish, or go with a more subtle color scheme and a soft matte finish. Whichever finish and color palette you prefer, an overlay adds beauty and value to your home.

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