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Pool Deck / Cool Deck

In generations past, trying to beat the heat meant loading up all your gear and making the trek to the nearest beach, lake, or river.

While the water was refreshing, the sand could be blistering hot and uncomfortable on bare feet. Nowadays, it’s common to be able to simply step out the back door and take a dip in your very own pool. However, just like the beach sand, most pool decks soak up the sun and can be extremely hot on the way to that cool water. Building a protective canopy over the deck is usually not a feasible option for keeping the deck cool, so just how can pool owners have both a beautiful and comfortable deck? Not to worry – there are several products available that can help. Each of the products has pros and cons, so it’s always a good idea to consult with the experts such as those at Concrete Designs to determine which is best for keeping your deck cool.

Stone pavers

These are naturally cooler, but also much more expensive and time consuming to put in place. While darker colors are lovely, keep in mind that the darker the color, the more heat it will absorb.


They an be a beautiful alternative but is also quite expensive, doesn’t offer the slip resistance of other methods, and is damaged more easily. Even the highest quality and best laid tile can shift and crack over time and use, requiring replacement.

Deck Paint

This an inexpensive, short-term fix. It has not been proven that this method will keep your deck significantly cooler, nor is it long-lasting. An average of two to three years is the general life span of paint, depending on the amount of use the area gets. Fading and peeling paint will need to be completely sandblasted before applying a fresh coat.


Specialty Coatings

Specialty coating is also known as ‘cool deck’, are a blend of concrete and polymers that overlay the pool deck, providing a slip resistant covering along with an ‘orange peel’ effect that traps air and stays cooler to the touch. Lighter colors of these coatings helps reflect the sunlight. These overlays can be applied directly over the existing pool deck and last for many years. Concrete Designs recommends ‘cool deck’ specialty coatings and has the experience required to make sure your little piece of paradise stays cool and beautiful for all your summertime fun.

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