Decorative Overlay

Can a Decorative Overlay be Applied to All Existing Concrete Surfaces?

For the majority of homeowners or businesses wanting to update and refurbish their existing concrete, the simple answer to this question would be “yes”.

However, there are a few exceptions to be considered that would turn the answer to “no”. When deciding on having a decorative overlay applied, your existing concrete should first be thoroughly inspected by an expert in the field of concrete overlays. The knowledge and experience of the personnel at Concrete Designs can quickly assess the condition of your concrete and give honest, clear answers for your particular situation.

While properly laid concrete is extremely durable and long lasting, small cracks or flaws often develop over time, especially in outdoor areas.

This is a normal part of the aging process of concrete and seldom a serious problem. A decorative concrete overlay works very well in these cases, actually adding strength to the original concrete as it also fills and covers minor cracks.

Heavy traffic pattern areas that are beginning to look worn, or concrete that begins to appear dull from exposure to weather extremes are all excellent candidates for a concrete overlay. The overlay gives that like-new appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacing the existing concrete.

Moisture can sometimes be an issue, with various causes. Again, the experts at Concrete Designs will do a thorough inspection to find the reason for the moisture, then offer the best solution. Often, it may simply require a moisture barrier be put in place over the current surface before applying the overlay.

If you find that your existing concrete is shifting, buckling, or developing large cracks, this is more than likely a sign of a poorly constructed sub-base.

This is a serious issue that cannot be addressed or repaired by applying an overlay. In this instance, the original concrete has to be removed and a new sub-base put in place before replacing the concrete. This would be a worse-case scenario and one of the few instances where a decorative overlay could not be applied. Concrete Designs specializes in all phases of concrete work and one of their experienced personnel will gladly explain the complete procedure necessary for correcting any concrete issues you may have.

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