Decorative Concrete

3 Tips to Maintain Your Decorative Concrete 

Now that your beautiful new decorative concrete has been installed, you may be wondering what’s next and how to preserve the original beauty.

Many decorative concrete installers offer a maintenance program, but many homeowners choose to do it themselves. Decorative concrete will last many, many years with very little maintenance. A few tips to help properly maintain the concrete with little effort include:

1. Sweeping and washing

For most decorative concrete, a quick weekly sweep is all that’s needed. For outdoor areas, a leaf blower does an excellent job of removing dirt and debris that may have built up. Indoors, a regular broom or dust mop does the trick.
For a more thorough cleaning, damp mopping is often sufficient. A mild detergent may be used for any stubborn spots, but never use harsh chemical cleaners as they tend to dull the surface. The experts at Concrete Designs will be happy to recommend the best cleaner for your decorative concrete. Pressure washing outdoor surfaces can be done with no ill effects. Again, no harsh chemical cleaners!

2. Protect with a sealer

The finishing touch when the decorative concrete is installed is the proper sealant. These sealers are designed to protect and preserve the finish of the concrete from harsh weather in all seasons, to prevent deep scratches and stains, and may be reapplied every 2 – 3 years. Concrete Designs personnel can help you decide which sealer is the best for your particular concrete. High traffic areas indoors may need a little extra help and that’s where specially formulated waxes and polishes may be used. Reading the label will let you know the correct polish or wax to use to keep your floor looking like new.

3. Oil and grease stains

When mild detergent isn’t quite enough, there are alkaline degreasers on the market created especially for removing these stains on decorative concrete. Be very careful when choosing a degreaser as some may actually cause damage to the concrete. To be sure you’re getting the proper degreaser, check with a knowledgeable source such as Concrete Designs. They can explain the pros and cons of the different products and steer you to the exact one you need.

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