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Using Concrete Overlay for your Pool Deck

There is no better way to cool off and enjoy the hot lazy days of summer than lounging around a nice sparkling pool with family and friends.

Having a pool installed used to be every homeowners dream, now pools are commonplace and enjoyed by the majority of homeowners in many areas. Not only for pleasure, pools add value and beauty to your property. However, a poorly installed or maintained deck will detract from the overall enjoyment, look, and value of the pool area. No one need settle for a dull, shabby pool deck when it’s now so easily fixable. One way to spruce up your pool deck and have it looking like new again is through the use of concrete overlay.

The overlay is created by formulating and blending certain polymer resins, along with other additives, with cement, then applying it directly over the existing concrete. The overlay bonds with the existing concrete, helping to fill and cover any small cracks and forming a strong, long lasting surface resistant to pool chemicals and weather extremes. This method is far less expensive and time-consuming than having to completely replace the deck and take the chance of damaging the pool itself. The experts at Concrete Designs take measures to protect both the pool and any existing landscaping while installing the concrete overlay which has been specially formulated for your specific needs. Their designers will help you create unique designs for your overlay using colors, textures, and slip resistant materials so the finished product will reflect your own personality while making the pool itself look even more inviting. The options for a finished look to be proud of are practically endless; a basic concrete finish to the look of brick or stone are all achievable with the concrete overlay.

The experienced, knowledgeable staff at Concrete Designs will be happy to guide you through the complete process of having a concrete overlay installed for your pool deck, as well as filling you in on all the benefits of the overlay versus other methods. They will also provide references from past happy clients who chose a concrete overlay to refresh and renew their pool decks.

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