Polished vs Epoxy Concrete

Polished vs Epoxy Concrete

Concrete flooring has become more and more popular in recent years for both commercial and residential building. This is due in large part to the lower costs and durability of concrete as well as the need for very little maintenance. Whether you currently have concrete flooring that may need a little sprucing up or are considering replacing a current floor with concrete, there is a method that will work just right for you.
Two of the methods used in concrete flooring are epoxy and polished concrete.While both are reasonably cost-efficient and long-lasting, considering the pros and cons of each is necessary to determine which is best for your particular needs.In many cases, epoxy is the method of choice for industrial flooring such as in warehouses. Properly applied and maintained, it can last for many years and is water and chemical spill resistant. A wide variety of color options and combinations are available. Food service establishments such as restaurants may find the constant food and drink spills will eventually cause staining. However, warm water with a mild detergent helps keep the epoxy looking in like-new condition.

Polished concrete is an excellent choice for homes, offices, or anywhere chemicals are not in use. While water resistant, chemical spills have a tendency to etch and mar the surface; in which case, epoxy would be the better choice. Virtually indestructible, polishing increases the density and hardens the concrete, and the desired sheen is obtained, from matte to high gloss, by the use of different sanding grit. Colors are bright and vivid. Not only does polished concrete last longer than standard flooring with less maintenance, it is easier and less costly to refurbish should the need arise. Generally, a damp mopping is all that is needed to keep this floor looking like new.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to use a reputable, experienced contractor such as Concrete Designs so you can rest assured your concrete flooring will last for many years. If you’re still not certain, the personnel at Concrete Designs will be happy to help you decide on which method will be best for you based on your particular needs. Knowledgeable and experienced in both epoxy and polished concrete, the end result is sure to be exactly what you expect.

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