Cracked & Discolored Concrete

How to Restore Cracked & Discolored Concrete Without Spending a Fortune

All man-made building materials will eventually begin to show signs of wear, aging, and deterioration, including concrete. While concrete is extremely durable and commonly used as a cost-efficient alternative to other materials, replacing that concrete can be quite costly and time-consuming, along with making a huge mess and possibly destroying existing landscaping in the process. The old concrete must be demolished and hauled away, then the area prepared for pouring the new slab. Homeowners and businesses alike can take heart, though, in discovering there is a method of restoring that dull and discolored concrete to its original beauty with very little effort, time, and money.

Resurfacing, commonly known as overlay or coating, is the definitive answer to many issues that can arise with concrete. Discoloration and stains as well as cracks all benefit from the use of a concrete overlay, at a fraction of the time and cost of replacing the concrete. Basically, resurfacing is a matter of applying a thin coat, or overlay, of concrete over the existing surface. This process works well on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, anything from basement floors to exterior walls can be restored.

Dyes, integrated color, solid coatings, and stains achieve whatever color palette you choose, from simple to a more complicated design. Colors can be muted or bright and vivid, depending on the look one is seeking. Sealant choices will produce either a matte, satin, or high gloss finish to the overlay.

To add further interest and beauty, texture can range from a simple broom swept finish to stamping that mimics natural stone, brick, rock, slate, or wood. Stamping with a brick, slate or wood design finish perks up patios, walkways and driveways The choices are almost endless.

Finding a reliable contractor experienced in concrete overlay is an important step in making sure your aging concrete is restored to its former beauty. Your contractor will listen to your wants and needs, and possibly even come up with some new ideas you hadn’t considered. A good contractor is looking not only to make money by doing a good job, but to save you some money as well.

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