Decorative Concrete

Why People Prefer Decorative Concrete

Your home is more than likely your largest investment so of course you want it to reflect not only your personality but also your pride of ownership. One way to do this is through the use of decorative concrete.

Concrete is one of the most versatile of building materials, and decorative concrete has gained in popularity in recent years with those looking for a cost-efficient method of upgrading the appearance of their home. Decorative concrete used for the driveway gives a pleasing first impression of the property, and patios, pool decks,and walkways can all benefit from the use of decorative concrete, plus using it as indoor flooring is an economical way to completely change the look of your d├ęcor. Strong and durable, concrete can withstand the harshest winter and summer weather with little effect on its appearance when used outdoors.

Vibrant colors and the wide variety of designs and patterns available make decorative concrete visually appealing, adding beauty and value wherever it is used. Much less costly and labor intensive than other materials such as paving stones or wood, most decorative concrete can be laid in a matter of days rather than weeks. Some of the patterns available can mimic the look of stone or wood at a fraction of the cost of the actual materials. Also, with concrete you’re not limited to straight lines and angles – it is easily poured to whatever shape you choose that suits the landscape.

Not only beautiful and economical, busy homeowners will be pleasantly surprised to find that decorative concrete requires very little in the way of maintenance to keep its like-new appearance. Other than a good sealant applied every one to four years, sweeping and an occasional quick rinse with a garden hose for outdoor areas, or a damp mop for indoors is about all that is needed. The sealant that is used deters colors from fading and also prevents staining.

Looking to freshen up your home and property? Check with a contractor experienced in the art of decorative concrete and discover for yourself why people prefer it over more traditional materials!

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