Versatility of Polished Concrete

Versatility of Polished Concrete

When the word ‘concrete’ arises, most people picture a dull, drab slab of material such as a sidewalk or maybe a garage floor. However, when you look around and take notice of the beautiful flooring in such places as hotel lobbies, office buildings, and other commercial entities, you are more than likely looking at polished concrete. Concrete has long been the flooring of choice for most commercial enterprises and is fast becoming popular among residential builders and homeowners.

Strength and Durability

The strength and durability of concrete is well known and new technologies and processes make it even more versatile than ever. As an alternative to high priced marble or granite, polished concrete is extremely affordable. The original slab is used instead of having to remove and replace it with other materials, saving a lot of time. Special equipment designed specifically for this process then polishes the concrete slab to whatever degree of shine you choose, from a nice satin sheen to a high gloss, reflective finish.

Color & Style Variety

Specialty stains in a wide variety of colors is available so designs are easily integrated into the finished flooring. The choice of colors and styles is only limited by your imagination. The contractor you choose will be happy to assist in achieving whatever final look you desire. Rest assured, these colors never fade even in the most high traffic of areas. Once the flooring has been completed, minimal maintenance such as damp mopping is all that is required to keep your floor bright and beautiful – no further polishing, waxing, or additional sealing is ever needed, saving even more on the long-term cost of a polished concrete floor. These floors are also highly stain resistant so you never have to worry about spills ruining the finish, unlike some wooden or carpeted floors.

Keep in mind when deciding on polished concrete that it does require an expert with the proper tools and equipment, unlike other types of flooring where a high degree of knowledge is not necessarily needed. This is not a do-it-yourself project! Polished concrete floors last for many years, so be sure to choose your contractor carefully.

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