Epoxy Concrete

8 Benefits of Epoxy Concrete

Concrete flooring has been a staple of commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, shops, and offices for many years and has become much more popular in recent years for residential use. Whether commercial or residential, if you have an existing concrete floor that needs refurbishing or are thinking of installing concrete flooring, there are many benefits to using epoxy concrete.

While it may not appear so at first glance, epoxy concrete is very cost efficient when considering the strength and durability of the product. The solid polymer is incredibly strong and formulated to be resistant to cracking, fading, staining, and showing signs of wear for many years. Another plus in the cost efficiency department is the low maintenance needed to keep your floor looking its best – no special equipment, waxing, buffing, or steam cleaning is required, just a simple damp mop is usually all that it takes.

Due to a reduction in the amount of materials used, this environmentally friendly flooring is easy to apply, usually a matter of just a day or two, and greatly enhances both the functionality and aesthetics wherever it is used. From a simple clear high gloss finish in a garage to the wide variety of colors and styles to choose from, the possibilities are practically endless in achieving whatever look you desire; a single color may be used, or a combination of colors to create specialty designs are available.

High gloss finishes are usually associated with slick or slippery surfaces. Not so with epoxy concrete. The material actually improves safety by being incredibly slip resistant, as well as heat and fire resistant. The high gloss finish has also been proven to improve the brightness of areas where it is used by reflecting available light and helping do away with those dark or gloomy areas.

A quick recap of the top 8 benefits of Epoxy Concrete:

1 – Aesthetics

2 – Cost Efficient

3 – Durability

4 – Easy Application

5 – Environmentally Friendly

6 – Improves Safety

7 – Low Maintenance

8 – Strength

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