Benefits of Concrete Patio

Top 5 Benefits of a Concrete Patio

Great for entertaining or simply relaxing, a patio adds a whole new dimension to enjoying the outdoors without ever having to leave home. When thinking of adding a patio to your home, you will find many options available for designing and building the perfect one for you. Wood, gravel, and paving stones are common patio materials, but before you make the final decision you should take a look at some of the many benefits of using concrete for your special outdoor area.


Concrete offers more in the way of versatility than any other building material. Graceful, flowing curves are easily achieved, coloring can be matched to your choice of d├ęcor, and stamping that mimics wood grain or stone or any design you choose, all add depth and interest to the finished patio.

Quick and easy to install

Concrete is quick and easy to install, making your new patio usable within a day or two in most cases as opposed to a couple of weeks sometimes necessary for other building methods. Poured in one solid piece in one day, then a day for curing, and you have a wonderful new patio.

Low maintenance

Busy homeowners will really appreciate the low maintenance requirements for concrete. Other than sweeping or a quick rinse with a garden hose once in a while, the only maintenance needed is a good sealant applied every couple of years. Wood will eventually begin to warp and/or rot, requiring repair. Pavers can shift, chip, and crack, while keeping the spaces between the stones clean of grass, weeds, and debris can be a full time job.


While wood and paving stones can be quite lovely, they are also rather expensive. Installing a patio with these materials is labor-intensive and can really raise the final cost of your patio. Concrete, on the other hand, is extremely affordable and most jobs can be completed quickly and efficiently with a minimum labor crew.

Because it is poured in one piece, using steel rebar for strength, concrete is much more durable and can withstand constant use with no negative effects. Using an experienced concrete contractor will assure that even inclement weather won’t damage your concrete patio; the contractor will use the proper grade of concrete compounded for your particular climate.

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