Synthetic Grass

How To Make Your Synthetic Grass Last Longer

Many people choose to install synthetic grass because of its beauty and durability. It’s much easier to maintain than real grass, but that doesn’t mean that some maintenance isn’t required. Use these tips to keep your synthetic grass looking as good as new and to make it last longer.

1. Brush Frequently

Brushing synthetic grass on a regular basis keeps the fibers standing upright. This not only improves the appearance of the grass, but also helps it to last longer.

2. Keep Heat at a Distance

The heat from smoldering cigarette butts, portable fire pits and barbecue grills can melt synthetic grass. Use these items with care, and try to keep them as far from your artificial grass as possible.

3. Spray with Water

Your garden hose can work wonders on synthetic grass. A gentle spray of water on a weekly basis rids the surface of dust and dirt while also helping to maintain the even distribution of the infill. At the same time, it gets rid of pollen and other allergens so your family can enjoy the artificial turf with fewer sniffles.

4. Blow Away Debris

A scattering of branches, leaves and other debris makes an unsightly mess that only gets worse as the vegetation begins to rot. Use a leaf blower to get rid of debris so that your artificial grass will always look fresh and well groomed.

5. Take Care of Pet Messes

Man’s best friend is a fan of synthetic grass too. That’s great, because artificial turf is perfectly healthy for pets to use. A pooper scooper or plastic bag can be used to remove any deposits. Hosing down the area is also recommended to keep it more sanitary and to minimize potential smells.

6. Control Weeds

The wind will carry seeds to artificial grass just as it will to natural grass. Accordingly, it’s not unusual to see a weed or two springing up from time to time. Controlling this is relatively easy with the application of weed killer in the spring and fall. Weeds that do make it past the weed killer are easy enough to dispose of.

7. Remove Clutter

Fall leaves feature beautiful colors, but they tend to really clutter up your synthetic lawn. Use a leaf blower or stiff brush to remove them regularly.
With these tips, your synthetic grass will last for many years even with high traffic, kids and pets.

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