Straight driveway

Curved or Straight Driveway

The first thing that catches the eyes of folks driving up to your home or business is the driveway or walkpath.

This type of curb appeal will help make the first impression a good one, granted that you have a beautiful and well maintained driveway.

But the decision to make a straight or circular driveway is not solely based on available space. The choice depends on what you are looking for. When deciding, consider how it will look as a whole to your property as well as the architecture and then make your choice from:


Most builders consider the best looking driveway to be the curved or circular. But it does take up the most area. So lots or real estate may be needed. Circulars are not only elegant, but add the benefit of not having to back up if you happen to live on a busy road. But you must take into consideration that several vehicles on this curved driveway will alter the way you enter and leave your building. A middle car, for instance, is stuck until one of the other cars leaves. Remember that when choosing a curved driveway, the curves should be sweeping and comfortable to turn the vehicle, not tight and cramped.


This type of driveway begins as a single entry point that splits off into two or more parking spots. Its unique in that you may be limited into your access, but not your overall parking area.

Straight Driveway

If you are limited in space, then the best way to go is a straight driveway. But a simple square or rectangular area for cars can be enhanced by adding stamped concrete with interesting patterns. Adding a host of colors that match with the building will also increase curb appeal to that straight driveway. Well designed and attractive borders, as well as landscaping also help add good looks to that simple square design.

There are a few other variations available. A U-Shaped driveway serves the same function of a curved driveway while using less space. Adding parking spaces off the side of your driveway is yet another option.

But regardless which shape you finally decide on, please consult with a professional or drive around and see neighboring driveway examples that catch your eyes. If that style caught “your” eye…it will do the same for your visitors.

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