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Seal the Deal

Sealing or resealing concrete surfaces is an important step to take in protecting your investment in concrete flooring, patios, or driveways. Even the best laid concrete requires resealing on occasion. Several factors will determine how often a surface should be resealed – location, traffic, and weather to name a few. While this may seem a simple task, it is strongly recommended that a reputable, knowledgeable contractor be hired as the average person does not have the know-how or skill to attain the desired finished product. A concrete expert will take all the necessary steps to assure long-lasting results:

Clean it Up

The right start leading to a great finish is a thorough cleaning of the surface to be resealed. This includes removal of not only dirt and debris, but any chipping or flaking from previous sealers as well as oil and grease stains. Reaching the proper degree of cleanliness may require scrubbing with a specialized detergent and stiff-bristled brush, sanding, or power washing, or a combination of methods. Don’t think a quick power wash will get the job done – an overeager homeowner can easily damage the surface! Your contractor will know what procedure is needed and will have the correct tools for the job.

Take a Good Look

Once the surface has been cleaned, a complete inspection will reveal any cracks or damage that need to be addressed before applying the sealant. Small cracks are easily repaired, while cracks that have grown larger may indicate sub-surface issues that should be investigated. This is also where the porosity of the concrete should be checked. Different porosity levels require different prep work – there is a different porosity between hand-troweled and machine-troweled surfaces – and different sealant. Drying and curing time are also affected by applying the wrong sealant for the surface.

Seal the Deal

Cheaper is not better when it comes to concrete sealers. This may work short-term as a quick fix on a small area, but in general will not last long. Again, your contractor knows the proper type of sealant to be used on your particular surface. Some surfaces only need one coat, some will require two coats. A good high-quality sealant, properly applied, will give a professional finish and many years of service.

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