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The Grass is Always Greener

Synthetic Grass on Decorative Concrete

To further beautify the stamped overlay or decorative concrete around the pool or on the patio, synthetic grass is the perfect complement that not only looks great but also gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. No more spending Saturday mornings mowing, raking, weed-eating and edging; no more wasteful watering, expensive fertilizing and reseeding.

Artificial turf has come a long way since its inception many years ago on football fields and tennis courts. After the initial cost of installation, synthetic grass will have your yard looking near-perfect for many years to come with very little time and effort. No additional equipment is required beyond a garden hose and medium-soft bristle brush. A leaf blower is handy but not necessary for upkeep.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance/low cost of upkeep has caught the attention of many homeowners who just don’t like the time wasted trying to keep a nice yard, or spending the money to have a yard service. A quick rinse with the water hose once a week or so and the synthetic grass looks like hours have been spent on it. If there are trees or shrubs in the area, a leaf blower will do the job of keeping debris to a minimum. Minor stains such as sunscreen or other oily substances are easily cleaned with mild detergent, water, and a brush. It is not recommended that vehicles be parked on artificial grass as the weight could cause damage, but bicycles, wheelbarrows and other light-weight wheeled items are fine. And of course, common sense says barbecue pits and fireworks should be kept at a distance.

Pet Friendly

This pet-friendly alternative to natural grass is stain and odor resistant so Fido can still enjoy the yard. Simply pick up and dispose of the doggy waste as you normally would. The only exception is metal objects could possibly damage the individual blades so plastic only, please! If you feel the need to clean the area the dog uses, a simple mix of vinegar and water sprayed on the area does the trick.

It doesn’t matter what the climate – artificial grass is designed to withstand the heat of summer’s sun and the snowy conditions of winter with no loss of its flexibility and appearance, no faded or bare spots, so your yard looks great year-round and you have the time to enjoy life.

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