stamped concrete around my pool

Kids on Deck! How Safe Can the Concrete Around My Pool Be?

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and recreation. For many, this means lots of time spent in and around the pool. As parents, our number one priority is pool deck┬ásafety and the protection of our children; we protect them from the sun with sunscreen, we provide floaties in case they wander into water that may be a little too deep, but just how safe is the concrete decking around that pool? Statistics show that a large number of children are injured yearly by slips and falls around the pool, resulting in everything from bumps and bruises to broken bones or serious head injuries. No matter how well you watch your kids and enforce the ‘no running around the pool’ rule, energetic children and slippery pool decks don’t mix well; concrete is hard and unforgiving when a fall takes place. There are, however, a few ways to make that concrete a lot safer for your kids.

Smooth concrete or concrete with a color hardener added in or has had a sealer applied is slick when wet. Slick equals high risk for falls. Textured surfaces, while not perfect, are a much safer option. Even something as simple as a broom swept texture before the concrete hardens is better than no texture at all. Exposed aggregate, textured finishes, or a textured overlay are all good choices, as well as anti-slip additives such as clear plastic grit added to the sealant. Another good choice are pool deck pavers. These pavers are far less slippery when wet, have an attractive natural stone appearance and come in a variety of colors. Long lasting, these pavers are also great for high traffic areas and are easily replaceable if any damage should occur.

Keeping these thoughts in mind, check your concrete pool deck and see just how safe it is or can be made for the well-being of your kids and anyone else who enjoys pool time. Summer is meant for fun time, not for sitting in an emergency or hospital room dealing with an accident that very well could have been prevented with just a little thought and effort.

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