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Stamped Concrete maintenance tips

The main advantages of Stamped Concrete for decorative purposes is its strength and durability. It will provide long-term endurance even in areas with a lot of foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. When a hardener is applied, Stamped Concrete becomes even more lasting because it protects the surface of the floor from the creation of cracks and abrasions. Concrete Designs has a great team of Stamped Concrete installers that will apply several coats of a protective sealer in order to shield the outer layer from oil and dirt related substances. Nevertheless, depending on the conditions that the floor is exposed to, it will need some maintenance to keep up the quality of the original installation.

For maintaining clean floors, the Stamped Concrete should be swept or cleaned with a high pressure washer and mild detergent.

An important tip for the upkeep of your Stamped Concrete floors is to simply not let dirt build up, just use a brush or a leaf blower and it should be cleared right away. Another option is washing, that should be done with a non-intrusive detergent and a brush made of nylon bristle; for finishing up, hose it with water. Stamped Concrete surfaces need constant re-sealing, this means the floors will constantly look renewed and will also last longer. If you find stubborn stains on your floor, it’s best to hire a professional Stamped Concrete cleaning company because they will have the right methods and tools to remove them. A good damage prevention method is to also use plastic bottoms for the furniture and objects that sit on the Stamped Concrete. Overall, Stamped Concrete is a great option for your floor for its durability and easy maintenance.

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