Decorative Concrete

A beautiful touch to your flooring through Decorative Concrete Overlay

Having dull, cracked and malfunctioned overlays of concrete in the floor of your home is a thing of the past. The recent strides made in the esthetic quality of Decorative Concrete Overlay have revolutionized the world of flooring. Using Decorative Concrete Overlay has become very popular because it is cheaper than other types of flooring and also very durable. Decorative Concrete Overlay is used when the existing concrete is weak and poor in quality but it can also be used on wooden substrates. The finished appearance of Decorative Concrete Overlay is an attractive surface, smooth look and an exquisite appeal to your home.

To better understand the process of installing a Decorative Concrete Overlay there are several points to take into consideration.

Firstly, you need to ensure that loose concrete is dusted and scraped off the floor. Secondly, the old surface should be devoid of oil and dust, as they hamper the durability of the concrete. Thirdly, the thickness of the concrete is an imperative solution for longer durability and lengthens the life of the concrete. All of these things are crucial to the process of Decorative Concrete Overlay and will be very well known to specialized professionals like the people at Concrete Designs. It is imperative to seek professional help for installing Decorative Concrete Overlay since the probability of doing it all alone and making a mistake is very big. That way you will end up spending more time and money when it could’ve been done to perfection the first time around. Decorative Concrete Overlay will ensure a weather resistant product that still makes your house look impressive.

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