stamped concrete and overlay

Using Stamped Concrete as a solution to improve your home

Stamped Concrete is a type of concrete that goes through the process of being placed, colored and stamped with various patterns that look like various styles of flooring like wood, tiles and natural stones. You can use Stamped Concrete indoors or outdoors on walkways, outdoor kitchens, pool decks and others. Stamped Concrete is also used frequently in places with a big amount of people circulating like hospitals, hotels and office floors. Even though it is a common myth that concrete flooring cannot be used in mild climate areas, they have actually been successfully installed in several of those areas using a special coating of wax that minimizes water damages on the paved surfaces.

Stamped Concrete flooring is much more cost effective than the use of natural flooring or replacing the existing flooring.

Architects came up with the idea of using Stamped Concrete as a solution for low cost flooring because it also presents a good looking finished result. Nowadays, the number of people who look for Stamped Concrete as a solution for their home improvement projects is four times higher than it was when it first came in the market. Concrete flooring are a win-win for both consumers and architects. The total cost of the installation depends on how large the area is and the impression you chose to use on your floor. The costs will also vary depending on how many works are employed and the number of work ours put in. Concrete Designs offers a wide variety of styles to best fit your taste and the needs of your home along with a team of highly qualified professionals to make sure your Stamped Concrete flooring looks great and is very resistant.

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