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The front courtyard, side garage entry and the pool patio look AMAZING!! ...beyond our expectations!! ...and the pool looks like new, too!

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May 22, 2015

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Robert Nathanson

5901 Pinebrook Drive Boca Raton, FL 33433

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Based on my research on Angie’s List, on Tuesday, 04/14/2015 I contacted Concrete Designs FL. The woman who answered told me she would contact the salesman who would call me back to arrange for a visit to give an estimate of the work to be done.

On Thursday 04/16, Gabriel called to say he would be here on Monday, 04/20 at about 11:30.
On Monday 04/20 Gabriel arrived at 11:00 and we went over the process and the options available. He said they would have to remove the old cement coating and the Chatahoochie coating below that, as it should have been removed previously before the cement coating had been applied. Then once the concrete slab had been prepared by pressure washing and then sealing, the new cement surface would be applied, then the stone design we choose would be scribed into the surface, and finally the color and shadings would be applied. Gabriel took the measurements, gave me the estimate and left around 12:00.

I had an appointment with another company, which we didn’t use, and I called Gabriel back on Wednesday 04/29 with some questions about the job and to ask about the schedule of the job.He came around 3:20 that day, rewrote the estimate to my satisfaction, and I gave him a deposit.

On Wednesday 05/13, I got a call from Jesus that the crew would be here tomorrow, Thursday 05/14 around 9:30 to start the job.

Miguel, his father Miguel, Sr., and Alejandro arrived and began power-chiseling the old surfaces from around the pool, a very tough job, with constant noise and dust. Two air chisels pounding away almost non-stop, and the 3rd man shoveling up the debris and hauling it in buckets to be hauled away in heavy plastic bags. Hot, hard, heavy noisy work, mostly bent over to do the job. They finished up for the day around 5:30, after cleaning up the cords, hoses, tools, etc., which were left in a neat pile on the patio.

A comment about the men… they are VERY nice, friendly, competent, hard-working men, with a VERY strong work ethic, and a serious attention to detail that made me proud to have them working here. The company owner obviously demands this of them, and they performed amazingly well throughout the entire process, regardless of the high heat, noise, dust, etc.

The job went on each day except Sunday, of course, and on Wednesday 05/20, Miguel came alone to finish the painting process in a few small areas, and to start draining the pool for the acid cleaning.

On Thursday, 05/21/2015, Miguel came to acid wash the pool and do a final cleanup of the job. He left at around 12:45, after getting the balance owed. I continued filling the pool (by garden hose, and FYI, Boca Raton doesn’t give a discount for pool filling, but I was given a guesstimate that it would cost between $30 and $50). It took until about 11:30 the next morning to fill the pool, shutting the 2 hoses off overnight, as the noise of the water running was loud. I then started adding the chemicals as prescribed by the pool store. I had Miguel change the old original bottom drain cover with a new one that prevents getting stuck to it or pulling long hair into it.

The front courtyard, side garage entry and the pool patio look AMAZING!! …beyond our expectations!! …and the pool looks like new, too!

Resurface front courtyard, side-garage door entry, pool patio and acid-wash pool.

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