Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is the process of resurfacing an existing concrete surface to offer a brand new looking surface over the existing product. The final product is flooring that shines and looks elegant in any environment that it is located in. Many consumers describe their newly Polished Concrete floor to resemble flooring such as marble or porcelain tile. Although the final result of the polishing process is a beautiful surface that gives your home or business a new look, the best part of having Polished Concrete is its durability. Any concrete surface that you have in your home or business will have a long life-span and will not need to be repaired frequently. To add to the list of perks a concrete floor surface is low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about things such as grout cleaning. The best part about Polished Concrete is knowing the once the product is completely installed you won’t have any time down before being able to walk on it.

Polished Concrete is the ideal surface for any environment and will remove any abnormalities from the existing concrete.

Before the existing floor gets polished, the professional will sand down the existing concrete flooring. The sanding down process will help get rid of any abnormalities that are showing on your current flooring. Once the sanding down process has been completed, than any holes that need to be filled will be filled to make sure that your concrete surface offers a flat and smooth final surface. Polished Concrete flooring is known to exhibit reflectivity as well as make sure that to offers abrasion resistance. The final Polished Concrete offers a glossy and easy to clean surface that will reflect the light in the room. This helps to enhance any natural light and will eventually minimize the need for internal lights. Polished Concrete will hold up well in areas of heavy traffic making sure that your floors won’t be damaged early on or have unwanted marks.

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