Concrete Design Trend

Concrete Design Trends

As of recent years Concrete Designs has become a very popular option for homeowners who currently have existing floors or for those seeking more durable flooring options that can be just as versatile. For many years Concrete floors was well known to be a gray dull floor without any kind of appeal but with Concrete Design people have become very creative with the flooring that they have in their homes or in commercial areas. It’s been no secret that you can manipulate the color of the concrete floor to imitate many different types of flooring like wood and marble. A more recent dye option has become the metal floor option in which actual metal powder is used in the mixture to help alter the color of your flooring. The final product is a gold, silver or cooper floor that genuinely imitates the metal.

Concrete Design Trends are a whole new way to have Concrete flooring in your home or business with the type of look that you want.

Among the newer trends is the glow in the dark concrete floor option. This design of flooring is more often used in commercial areas such as night clubs and pubs. Although some people do like this flooring in areas of their home its more common to come across a concrete floor that imitates other materials. The glow in the dark Concrete Design option involves Photo luminescent coating which is what gives the floor the ability to glow. The mix and match Concrete Design option has become a very popular trend as of recent years. This trend includes getting different types of flooring and putting them all together in one area such as a home or business. The option involves either mixing the material being imitated, the colors being used or the stamped design. Impersonation style Concrete Design is probably the most commonly seen to date. Impersonation concrete Design is when the concrete imitates the different types of flooring by altering the color and design.

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