Concrete Floors

Why Your Home Should Have Solid Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors are well known for being durable as well as being very versatile. A lot of people don’t really realize just how durable concrete floors really are. Among the many flooring options available in the market today the only one that can withstand hurricane like weather, fire, and greatly reduce the chances of a pest infestation is Concrete. Flooring such as wood is elegant and beautiful but it can succumb and even attract termites losing its beautiful inviting appearance quickly. On top of that wood flooring does consume our already depleting natural resources.

 Concrete Floors are the most durable option available for any home.

Concrete Floors also help in maximizing energy efficiency. Tests were recently conducted using winds of up to 250 mph. Projectiles were included in this experiment of up to 100 mph to test just how durable having concrete floors would be in hurricane like weather. The experiment showed the homes that had concrete floors inside were able to hold up against the hurricane winds much better. Not to mention the flooring of the home does affect the overall structure of the home since the flooring is the foundation.  The durability and the versatility that concrete floors offer should be enough of a reason for any homeowner to not only install this flooring but customize it as well.

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