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Pool Deck Decorative Concrete For Half The Cost – December 2014

Looking at the same old pool deck for many years can definitely get boring. On top of that any complaints of it being slippery can lead to dangerous results for your guests and your family alike. Regardless of the situation both situations can be remedied. Retouching your pool deck surface can in fact solve both issues in one attempt. Adding an overlay for existing pool deck can help remedy the issue of a slippery pool deck. That same overlay can be stained, textured or stamped to give you the final look that you desire. This will help give you an entirely new look over your existing concrete surface, and once applied the floor will no longer be slippery.

These concrete techniques are decorative techniques used by blending polymer resins, sand cement as well as other additives to help make the overall appearance and the performance much more efficient. Once applied and completed the final product will have aesthetic qualities as well as adhesion which is how the slippery surface issue will be remedied. This final chemical mixture will also help the concrete resist against damage such as UV exposure, abrasions, freeze, sale and thaw conditions. The final product will be a brand new surface that is very resilient as well as beautiful.

Pool Deck Decorative concrete coating benefits for your:

There are many benefits to using decorative concrete coating when you are trying to restore your old pool deck. Our Pool Deck Decorative Concrete service will give you the look that you desire for your pool deck and still remain both versatile and durable. The final look will also play a roll in making your overall home look better while remaining easy to maintain. The options for the color, patterns, and textures have a wide range of options available and can raise the value of your house when completed. One application of a decorative concrete coating material can in fact last up to 30 years and will not let weeds or grass from growing through the grout joints. This option can also be slip resistant which prove beneficial and a great installer can help recommend the best one to suit your needs.




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