Decorative Concrete Flooring will vastly improve the look and feel of your home or business!

Looking to improve your patio, pool deck, or driveway to a brighter, warmer, and more enjoyable space? Decorative Concrete Flooring may be what you are looking for. Many people are surprised at how much their living space changes by simply upgrading their existing concrete flooring. Our Decorative concrete services give your residential or commercial establishment the feeling of a brand new commercial space, without putting you through all the challenges of completely removing your flooring. We use a special process of decorative concrete restoration to fill in cracks and cover that old rusty look with a brand new elegant look which you can be proud of.
While decorative concrete will ultimately improve the look and feel of your living space, the key to a successful decorating job is in the preparation.  Many people have a small idea of what they actually want but sometimes sell themselves too short due to a stringent option of colors or materials. At Concrete Designs FL, we have a very wide array of styles and colors to choose from as well as concrete design experts to assist you with some great ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of. Some people have no idea that multitude of custom designs, colors, and options for decorative concrete we offer. To get started, consider the following tips for getting the best results with decorative concrete. For concrete flooring images, visit our gallery today!

This weeks Decorative Concrete Tips:

1. Be open to new colors and designs
It can be tough to visualize the end result of your new floor. Don’t limit your choices based on what you assume will or won’t work. Many times a custom artistic design could be right up your alley…

2. Pick colors that synchronize
Pick colors that synchronize with the furniture and color of your office or home. This way you won’t have to spend more money painting or buying new furniture to match everything.  Sometimes its hard to know exactly what you are looking for but we can help.

3. Ask on of our professionals for help
Consult with one of our decorative concrete specialists to avoid making expensive and disappointing choices. We have over 30+ years of experience in decorative concrete designs. You can trust us to give you the best options for your living or commercial space.

4. Take advantage of custom color matching
We provide custom color matching which will give you insight to which combination of colors look best based on your needs and what we think will work best with your living or commercial space. The beauty in decoarive concrete design is when a uniqueness is brought to lightthrough the design process. Custom color matching usually helps bring out choices you wouldn’t have thought of that may give an even more complete look.

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